Can I go to the tanning bed while breastfeeding?

No evidence exists that the use of tanning beds has any effect on human milk or breastfed babies. However some mothers have reported getting burnt nipples and breasts when using tanning beds: this is extremely painful so be sure to cover your nipples and breasts and use caution.

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Regarding this, will tanning dry up milk supply?

Will it impact my breastfeeding at all? There’s no evidence that tanning has any impact on your breast milk or your breastfed baby.

Just so, can you tan after C section? I recommend that you wait at least 6 weeks before exposing any fresh incision to a tan bed. If you are dark complected, a person who always gets a great tan without ever burning, I would wait a solid 3 months and the longer the better.

One may also ask, does sunburn affect milk supply?

There is no evidence that any amount of sun exposure will impact your milk supply.

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