Does Adam and Eve have a catalog?

If you wish to receive special offers and discounts via email from or the Adam & Eve mail-order catalog, just visit the My Account page. Scroll down to the email section and check the potential offers that interest you.

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Likewise, people ask, do you have to be 18 to buy from Adam and Eve Online?

Adam & Eve offers classes on topics such as sexual education and health in addition to stocking products for adults. Children under 18 aren’t allowed inside.

Regarding this, how old do you have to be to order from Adam and Eve? Patrons who enter have to be 18 years or older, and if they appear to be younger, employees will ask to see identification.

One may also ask, does Adam and Eve have an app?

11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — (, the award-winning site of adult industry giant Adam & Eve, is pleased to announce the launch of its mobile website, compatible with iPhone and Android devices. … Ability to browse and search across the entire site.

Do they ID at Spencers?

Hey Hannah! We do not have an age restriction on adult products company wide! If you would like to know what your local store’s age requirement for adult/adult shaped products is you can contact them directly and ask their manager! Hello Victoria!

Can you buy stuff from Spencers at 13?

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J. β€” In a sweeping policy change, popular mall retailer Spencer Gifts announced today all shoppers at their signature Spencer’s stores over the age of 18 must be accompanied by a 13-year-old. … β€œIt’s not fair, I’m a grown man,” said Spencer’s shopper and protestor George Riley.

What is the story of Adam and Eve?

When Eve is tempted by the serpent and eats the forbidden fruit, Father makes Adam choose between Him and Eden, or Eve. Adam chooses Eve and eats the fruit, causing Father to banish them into the wilderness and destroying the Tree of Knowledge, from which Adam carves a staff.

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