How can I contact Goibibo customers?

To check if your booking falls in the free cancellation time period, please click here and claim your refund. In case your booking has crossed the free cancellation window, please contact our customer service team on: 0124-6280407, 0124-4404207 or 022-62455107.

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Keeping this in view, does Goibibo refund money?

Once you have cancelled your booking, the refund is processed by Goibibo within 10 business days (weekends not included). An e-mail confirmation of the refund amount will be sent to the email address given to us at the time of booking. … It is advisable to contact Goibibo within 48 hours of the cancellation request.

Also know, how can I send email to Goibibo? The aforesaid notices can be sent to ibibo by email at [email protected].

Besides, how can I check my Goibibo refund?

Sign in to your Goibibo account. Go to “My Bookings”. The ‘Status’ column will tell you if the refund has been processed.

Is Goibibo an Indian company?


Goibibo is India’s leading online travel booking brand providing range of choice for hotels, flights, trains, bus and cars for travelers. … With industry first virtual travel booking currency GoCash and travel social network, GoCash+ Rewards – GoIbibo is the number one choice for new India on the move.

Who is the CEO of Goibibo?

Sanjay Bhasin

Why is Goibibo not refunding money?

Travel booking portal Goibibo, a company owned by MakeMyTrip, has become the target of social media outrage by many air travellers unable to receive either their refunds for flights cancelled due to COVID-19 or customer care support despite a recent order by the Supreme Court.

How do I claim money from Goibibo?

How do I initiate a refund on Goibibo?

Refund: It is mandatory to contact Goibibo for all refunds, as the airline will not be able to refund your tickets booked at All cancellations made directly with the Airline need to be intimated to Goibibo by Email or Phone in order to initiate the refunds process.

How do I write a review on Goibibo?

1) On mobile, it’s simple, open the super fast goibibo App, type the name of the hotel you are staying in/stayed in and tic tac toe, rate the various features, write a 50 word review and hit send. Voila.

How do I raise a service request on Goibibo?

Please write your special request to our customer service. Click here. We’ll have to contact the airline directly before we can confirm your request.

Is go cash refundable?

Cancellations and refunds: While doing a cancellation on goibibo, the user gets the opportunity to opt for refund to goCash, instead of refund to his/her debit/credit card. If chosen, this goCash amount is credited into his goibibo account instantly and allows the user to book any ticket on

How can I track my ticket in Goibibo?

1.) Click on 24×7 goCare Support & Help Page and Enter Booking Id of your upcoming Flight Journey. Enter Mobile Number of your Family & Friends to subscribe them for Flight alerts. Your friends will receive an SMS with URL to track your trip.

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