How do I calculate my pension?

The Formula

Average Salary * Pensionable Service / 70 where, Average Salary means the average of the Basic Salary + DA combined, drawn in the last 12 months, and. Pensionable Service means the number of years worked in the organized sector after 15th November, 1995.

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Also to know is, how can I get 20000 Pension monthly?

According to the HDFC pension calculator, for the pension of Rs 20,000 per month, you need to invest Rs 2424 per month. According to the HDFC pension calculator, for the pension of Rs 30,000 per month, you need to invest Rs 3637 per month.

One may also ask, which pension plan gives highest return? Top 10 Pension Plans in India
  • LIC Jeevan Akshay 6 Plan:
  • LIC Jeevan Nidhi Plan:
  • SBI Life Saral Pension plan:
  • HDFC Life – Click2Retire:
  • HDFC Life – Assured Pension Plan:
  • ICICI Pru – Easy Retirement:
  • Reliance – Smart Pension:
  • Bajaj Allianz – Pension Guarantee:

Keeping this in view, what is Icici guaranteed pension plan?

With ICICI Pru Guaranteed Pension Plan, you won’t have to worry. This plan provides you with guaranteed income for your entire life with a wide range of annuity options that can provide a secure future for you and your spouse. … So, lock higher annuity rates today for a secured and fulfilling life tomorrow.

How is monthly pension calculated?

Effective from September 1, 2014, the contribution will be made as follows: 8.33% of Rs 15,000 = Rs 1250. Kasturirangan says, “The formula to calculate the EPS pension is as follows: Monthly pension amount= (Pensionable salary X pensionable service) /70.”

How many years of service is required for full pension?

10 years

How do I get a 50000 pension per month?

If you start investing early, say at the age of 25, you may have to invest just Rs 4150 (or around Rs 139×30) per month) for a pension of Rs 50,452 per month at an annual interest of 8%. The maximum amount you can invest in NPS is Rs 1.5 lakh per year. The NPS contributions also qualify for Income tax benefits.

How do I get a 30000 pension per month?

The target to generate Rs 30,000 a month is achievable by investing in a mix of financial instruments. He should invest up to Rs 15 lakh in the Senior Citizens Saving Scheme (SCSS). It is the safest investment option for retirees and offers 8.6% per annum, payable quarterly.

How can I get 10000 Pension monthly?

The PMVYY pension scheme was recently modified by the finance ministry. The pension scheme was then extended till 31 March, 2023 with an assured interest rate of 7.40 per cent per annum for FY 2020-21. The pension scheme offers a guaranteed monthly income of up to Rs 10,000 for 10 years, according to LIC.

Which pension scheme is best?

Here’s a list of the best pension plans in India you might want to go through:

  • LIC Jeevan Nidhi Pension Plan.
  • Max Life Forever Young Pension Plan.
  • Max Life Guaranteed Lifetime Income Pension Plan.
  • Reliance Immediate Annuity Pension Plan.
  • Reliance Smart Pension Plan.
  • SBI Life Saral Pension Plan.

Which scheme is best for retirement?

Best Pension Plans in India 2021

Pension Plans Entry Age
HDFC Life Personal Pension Plus 18 years -65 years
ICICI Pru Easy Retire Pension Scheme 35 years – 70 years
ICICI Pur Easy Retirement Plan 35 years-75 years
India First Annuity Plan 40 years- 80 years

What is a good pension scheme?

In defined occupational schemes they should be a percentage of salary and be around half that of the employer with the total contribution ideally being at least 15% of salary. Private pension plans should allow for flexible contributions. Management charges should be as low as possible.

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