How do I contact Franklin Templeton?

If you need assistance, please leverage our website or contact us Monday through Friday from 5:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. PT at (800) 632-2301.

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Simply so, what are Franklin Templeton fees?

Sales Charges & Breakpoints

Account/Purchase Size Sales Charge Dealer Commission
Less than $50,000 5.50% 5.00%
$50,000 – $99,999 4.50% 4.00%
$100,000 – $249,999 3.50% 3.00%
$250,000 – $499,999 2.50% 2.25%
Moreover, will I get my money back from Franklin Mutual Fund? Investors in the Franklin India Low Duration Fund will get back an estimated 63% of the value of their investment while investors in the Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund will get back almost 50% when Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund starts distributing cash next week.

In this manner, how do I check my Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund?

Franklin Templeton offers you the convenience of performing anytime anywhere transactions through SMS to 567674 or 92666 44255. You can place a request for non-financial transactions as mentioned below.

How do I withdraw money from Franklin Templeton?

You can either request a check or transfer to another bank via Automated Clearing House (ACH). All requests must be made by the account owner. Franklin Templeton does not take distribution instructions from a beneficiary.

Why is Franklin Templeton closed?

Franklin Templeton MF had shut six debt mutual fund schemes on April 23, citing redemption pressures and lack of liquidity in the bond market. Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund on Thursday said its six shut schemes have received Rs 11,907 crore from maturities, pre-payments and coupon payments since closing down in April.

What is the best Franklin Templeton fund?

Top 10 Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

Fund Name Category 1Y Returns
Franklin India Focused Equity Fund Equity 66.0%
Franklin India Index Fund – NSE Nifty Plan Other 56.2%
Franklin India Bluechip Equity 61.5%
Templeton India Value Fund Equity 84.2%

What are the best Franklin funds?

Franklin Templeton Funds – 10 Best Templeton Mutual Funds

  • Franklin Focused Growth Adv FFQZX A+ (B-)
  • Franklin Convertible Securities A (FISCX) – Get Report A+ (C+)
  • Franklin DynaTech A (FKDNX) – Get Report A+ (C)
  • Franklin Louisiana Tax Free Inc A FQLAX A- (B-)
  • Franklin High Yld Tax Free Inc A FHYQX B+ (C-)

Is Franklin Templeton a good company?

The company offers great benefits along with flexible hours and also provides work life balance. Great benefits, beautiful campuses, and busy work days, all in a financial-based business environment. Franklin Templeton is a great place to work and can be very rewarding for those who put in the effort.

What happened to Franklin Debt Fund?

On April 23, 2020, in a sudden move, Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund announced the winding up of six of its debt mutual fund schemes in India with total assets between Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000 crore (roughly $3.75–4.25 billion) affecting more than 3 lakh investors. … 9,122 crore.

What funds does Franklin Templeton Close?

The schemes — Franklin India Low Duration Fund, Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund, Franklin India Credit Risk Fund, Franklin India Short Term Income Plan, Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund, and Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund — together had an estimated Rs 25,000 crore as assets under management (AUM).

How is Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund?

Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund Super Institutional Direct-Growth is a Ultra Short Duration mutual fund scheme from Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. … Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund Super Institutional Direct-Growth returns of last 1-year are 7.95%. Since launch, it has delivered 8.70% average annual returns.

Can I redeem Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Online?

Buy, redeem and switch units online – helps you transact in a quicker and more convenient manner. Get a valuation of your portfolio with us. You can also get a combined view of your family’s investment portfolio along with your own.

Can I redeem Franklin Mutual Fund?

At Franklin Templeton, it is our endeavor to make your experience of investing with us simple and convenient. You can now invest, switch, redeem or know your account value with great ease using any of these easy transaction methods.

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