How do I find my GEHA provider?

To find PPO providers, use this site’s Provider Search or call GEHA at 800.296. 0776. When you phone for an appointment, please remember to verify that the physician is still a PPO provider.

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Keeping this in view, does GEHA cover dental implants?

Comprehensive dental service coverage including implants, crowns, bridges and dentures, and. Orthodontia paid at 70% and no waiting period for High Option plan member.

In this way, does GEHA have a provider portal? After you sign in, you’ll see your Provider Dashboard. From this screen, you can quickly access the tools described above. Providers do not need to sign in to access information about Authorizations/Precertifications. (If you’re ready to download an authorization forms, click Authorization Forms.)

Hereof, what network does GEHA use?

*UnitedHealthcare Options PPO is GEHA’s preferred network in Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia and Wisconsin through Dec. 31, 2020. To locate a participating provider in your area, call 800.296. 0776 or visit

What type of insurance is GEHA?

GEHA (Government Employees Health Association) is a self-insured, not-for-profit association providing medical and dental plans to federal employees and retirees and their families through the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program and the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP).

Is GEHA dental a PPO or HMO?

In addition to the dental plan, GEHA contracts with OPM to offer federal employees three traditional fee-for-service health plan options with a preferred provider organization (PPO). … Members pay no dues, and GEHA currently waives all membership fees.

Is GEHA dental part of Cigna?

GEHA Connection Dental Federal is a part of the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP). … and network administration services are provided by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company.

Which federal dental plan is best?

1. Best Overall: Delta Dental. The former provider of choice for TRDP, Delta Dental continues to be our top choice for FEDVIP plans.

Is Aetna and GEHA the same?

Aetna Signature Administrators® and Government Employees Health Association (GEHA) are expanding their relationship. Starting January 1, 2021, GEHA members living in the following states will be able to access the Aetna Signature Administrators PPO program and medical network nationally.

What is GEHA timely filing limit?

Submit electronic claims online at, Emdeon® payer ID 39026. Q What are the timely filing requirements? A Claims must be received within 90 days from the service date.

Does GEHA require referral?

GEHA, like other federal medical plans, requires providers to obtain authorization before some services and procedures are performed. For quick reference, see the GEHA member’s ID card. …

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