How do I know if my Urban Decay is real?

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Additionally, how can you tell a fake Urban Decay palette?

The inside of the fake palette: The eyeshadow pans look uneven; An authentic Urban Decay NP has shimmery eyeshadows, and you can easily spot the shimmers from afar. This fake palette seems to have matte eyeshadows, and the colors are too light if compared to the authentic one!

Consequently, which Urban Decay palette is closest to the original? The Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette is said to have colours that are closest to the ones in the OG Naked palette. With a beautiful array of classic golds, warm ambers, and rich browns, this gold-based neutral eyeshadow range is said to be universally flattering!

Keeping this in consideration, is Urban Decay made in China?

Is Urban Decay makeup made in China? The brand Urban Decay doesn’t manufacture its products in China. Urban Decay manufactures its products in the United States.

Are Urban Decay Naked palettes worth it?

Each features a relatively neutral color scheme, so all the colors work for daytime or nighttime looks. Compared to competing brands I’ve used, these palettes are the most versatile, pigmented, blendable, and practical for my daily needs. Albeit costly at $54, I’ve personally found them to be worth the price.

Is Urban Decay bringing back the Naked Palette?

In August 2018, makeup lovers around the world were devastated to learn that Urban Decay discontinued one of its most beloved products: the Naked eye-shadow palette. Luckily for fans, the brand is back with the Naked Reloaded palette, an updated version of the fan-favorite product.

Which Urban Decay palette is being discontinued?

Naked Palette

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