How do you stamp with gel stamping polish?

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Also question is, what kind of nail polish do you use for stamping?

About stamping nail polish:

It is recommended to use special stamping nail polish and stamping nail gel. The color may be very thin and the pattern is not clear,or the drawing is incomplete, if the ordinary nail polish or gel polish was used for stamping.

Correspondingly, how do you nail stamping plates?

Herein, what is reverse stamping?

Reverse stamping is a technique that allows stamped images to have more depth and imagination mixing colors and designs all on one nail.

Why won’t my nail polish stick to my stamper?

Your stamper needs to be file-buffed until it isn’t shiny anymore. It might take a few tries, and make sure you clean with with some tape or a lint roller before trying to pick up polish. Go fast and light. Pressing to hard squidges all the polish away from the stamper!

Can you use regular nail polish for stamping?

Can I use regular polish to stamp? Of course! That’s what being creative is all about, finding your way to express yourself! No matter which type of polish you use, the stamping technique is exactly the same.

How do you clean stamping plates?

How do you use the clear jelly Stamper?

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