How do you use Hada Labo Super Hydrator?

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Also, which Hada Labo Lotion is the best?

Goku Jyun Moist lotion

Hereof, is Hada Labo good for mature skin? Suitable for all skins, recommended for a slightly drier skin. Suitable for all, brilliant for a dehydrated/combination skin. Super HA Anti-Aging range – the red range – suitable for all, recommended for ages 35 and over. All products in this range have four hyaluronic acid molecules in them.

Subsequently, is Hada Labo a good brand?

In my opinion, HADA LABO’s skin care products are amazing value for the price as they deliver great effects to the skin! Their signature Hyaluronic acid products are highly effective for dry skin, and the brand offers various ranges depending on skin types.

Should I moisturize or hydrate?

If you have dry skin, that means your skin is lacking oil and it needs to be moisturized. If you have dehydrated skin, your skin lacks water and it needs to be hydrated. Hydration makes our skin feel soft, but it won’t stay soft if there is no oil to protect that hydration from escaping.

Does Hada Labo contain retinol?

Hada Labo is famous for their key ingredient – Super Hyaluronic Acid. … Besides Super Hyaluronic Acid, the products also contain Retinol and Collagen to ensure wrinkle-free and youthful skin.

Is there retinol in Hada Labo?

By the time it was launched here, I’d learnt that the red Hada Labo line is a line targeted at the skin firming and anti-aging crowd (me!) and that it contains retinol (vitamin A). … It also has an exfoliating effect to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells, to allow the new skin cells to surface.

Is Hada Labo good for sensitive skin?

Hada Labo did a consumer test with this range on sensitive skin with skin redness. Within 4 hours, a significant reduction in redness and irritation is seen. The result demonstrates the efficacy of the cream in soothing redness and strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Is Hada Labo hyaluronic acid good?

The Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion is a very effective humectant moisturizer that comes with glycerin and three different types of hyaluronic acid, which will hydrate the skin immensely and promote the wound healing process.

Does Hada Labo contain paraben?

Hada Labo Tokyo™ is Japan’s #1 selling skin care line, now available in the USA. Products are suitable for all skin types and have Super Hyaluronic Acid™, a proprietary ingredient unique only to Hada Labo Tokyo™. … All products are paraben free, fragrance free, dye free, and mineral oil free.

Is Hada Labo famous in Japan?

One brand that’s risen to the top of Japan’s most popular skincare lines is Hada Labo Tokyo, which was introduced to Asia in 2004.

Is Hada Labo Japanese?

Hada Labo (???, Hada Rabo, “Skin Lab”) is a Japanese skin care brand developed by Rohto Pharmaceutical. The brand is most known for their hyaluronic acid products, and for offering eco-friendly refill pouches.

How do you use Hada Labo in Tokyo?


  1. Thoroughly wash your face with an oil-free cleanser: Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.
  2. All over your face and neck, apply the lightest product: Anti-Aging Hydrator.
  3. Followed by the thickest product: Skin Plumping Gel Cream.
  4. Then apply a targeting product that addresses dark circles and eye wrinkles: Age Correcting Eye Cream.

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