How much is Advisors Excel worth?

Thompson said Advisors Excel has $3 billion in assets under management through a registered investment adviser, Global Financial Private Capital of Sarasota, Fla. Advisors Excel is one of the fastest growing companies in Topeka in modern history. The parking lot is full.

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Secondly, who is AE wealth management?

AE Wealth Management is a financial advisor firm headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, with just shy of 200 advisors located throughout the country. The firm offers asset management services and financial planning services to more than 13,000 clients.

Thereof, what are Excel advisors? Advisors Excel is a national firm providing a wide spectrum of services and support to independent financial professionals. The company provides a holistic and integrated foundation where annuities, life insurance, Medicare supplements and investments are supported on one comprehensive platform.

People also ask, who owns Advisors Excel?

Cody Foster

How many employees does excel advisors have?

How many employees does Advisors Excel have? Advisors Excel has 51 to 200 employees.

What is the advisor?

An adviser or advisor is normally a person with more and deeper knowledge in a specific area and usually also includes persons with cross-functional and multidisciplinary expertise. An adviser’s role is that of a mentor or guide and differs categorically from that of a task-specific consultant.

When was Advisors Excel founded?


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