Is a Biologique Recherche facial worth it?

My Final Verdict on the Biologique Recherche Facial at the Four Seasons Orlando: Completely and totally worth it! I mean this for both the facial and the products. I’m not one who’s easily sold, given how many products I’ve tried, but already I’m seeing such amazing results from this line.

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Likewise, is Biologique Recherche effective?

Like a cleanser and makeup remover in one, Lait U is Biologique Recherche’s take on a cleansing milk that removes impurities without dehydrating skin. Price upon request. Over 1,500 reviewers have given this toner a five-star rating, backing its claims to be one of the most effective exfoliating lotions available.

Furthermore, what is the best Biologique Recherche products? 10 Biologique Recherche Best-Sellers

  1. Lotion P50. Lotion P50 is a “magical potion” and product to buy if you can only buy one of the Biologique Recherche products. …
  2. Lait VIP 02. …
  3. Masque Vivant. …
  4. Le Grande Serum. …
  5. Lait U. …
  6. Serum Complexe Iribiol. …
  7. Lotion P50 Original 1970. …
  8. Creme MSR-H.

Similarly one may ask, how do you use Biologique Recherche serum?

Do you moisturize after P50?

There is no need for rubbing your skin with the Lotions P50. … In the first two weeks of using the Lotions P50, we advise you to wet a cotton pad with water and then add the lotion just to let your skin get used to it. After this time, you can apply to a dry cotton pad and keep enjoying the benefits.

Can I use Biologique Recherche P50 with vitamin C?

Vitamin C, which brightens your skin and fades dark spots, should go on after you tone and before you exfoliate. If you’re using a toner-exfoliant combination such as P50, then you put your vitamin C on after. … It’s really great at helping dark spots and dull skin without being too aggressive.

How long does it take for lotion P50 to work?

-Some users instantly can tell a difference in the way their skin looks- increased glow, less breakouts, more even tone- but the sweet spot for noticeable change is typically 50 days (this I learned from the Breaking Beauty podcast, which dedicated an entire episode to Lotion P50!).

How expensive is Biologique Recherche?

A 1.7 oz bottle of straight-up P50 will run you $28; the biggest 8.5 oz size is $101.

Is Biologique Recherche all natural?

Despite the “biologique” in the title, the products aren’t labeled organic, but they are based primarily on natural ingredients like Siberian Ginseng root, burdock, algae or cucumber.

Is Biologique Recherche a clean product?

But Biologique Recherche doesn’t add scents which makes this a nice clean beauty choice for my sensitive skin. The prices might surprise you for some of the products – some higher or lower than you may expect (more on that in my Serum de Teint review).

What is a Biologique Recherche facial?

A French biological skincare line that takes a unique clinical approach to skincare, Biologique Recherche uses intentionally pure, concentrated, raw, and active ingredients with transforming results. … Your skin will never be clearer, calmer or more luminous.

Does Biologique Recherche ever go on sale?

Despite the fact that Biologique Recherche doesn’t do sales (très chic, right?), I knew I wanted to get my hands on these two products. As I was in the midst of euphoric sales shopping, I went for it. Lotion P50V $98 is my favorite product discovery of the year; I’ve written non-stop about it.

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