Is Addison Rae in a relationship?

She was romantically linked to fellow TikToker Bryce Hall in 2020 and denied dating rumors about Jack Harlow in 2021. But now, Addison is dating red-haired musician Omer Fedi.

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Herein, who is Addison Rae’s New BF?

They’re so in love! Addison Rae is happy with boyfriend Omer Fedi, but who is the guy who stole her heart? Following Addison’s public relationship with ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall — which came to an end in March 2021 — the TikTok star decided to keep her new romance under wraps during the early days.

Moreover, who is Addison’s boyfriend 2022? Addison Rae arrived at the 2022 Grammy Awards red carpet on Sunday, April 3, alongside her boyfriend Omer Fedi. The TikTok star posed in a creme-colored dress with her dark brown hair curled down her back. Addison, 21, stood alongside her red-haired beau, 22.

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