Is Bulldog Moisturiser oil free?

This non-greasy moisturiser contains witch hazel, willow bark and juniper. Specially formulated to mattify, improve skin texture and balance the skin. Clinically proven to control shine. Our products never contain artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources.

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Keeping this in view, how do you use Bulldog Moisturiser?

Your Skincare Routine from Start to Finish

  1. Step 1: Cleanse. Lather up on wet skin and rinse.
  2. Step 2: Tone. Apply after shaving and/or cleansing skin. Splash onto dry skin or apply with a cotton pad.
  3. Step 3: Exfoliate. Wet face with warm water. …
  4. Step 4: Moisturise. Apply evenly to face and neck.
One may also ask, does Bulldog Moisturiser contain SPF? The product has been specially formulated with natural ingredients to provide skin hydration and everyday skin protection. It also marks a first for the men’s grooming brand as the new moisturiser also contains the added benefit of a broad spectrum SPF15 to help protect the skin all year round.

Likewise, is Bulldog a good skincare brand?

Overall, it’s worth buying. The most expensive product in the range costs £10.49 – the anti-ageing moisturiser – so it’s good value considering the large bottles and the length of time it lasts. It’s also natural which is good, and there’s a Fairtrade range, which is better.

How do you wash a Bulldogs face?

How do you treat oily skin without drying it out?


  1. Wash regularly. Share on Pinterest Washing with warm water and a gentle soap can reduce the amount of oil on the skin. …
  2. Use a toner. Astringent toners that contain alcohol tend to dry out the skin. …
  3. Pat the face dry. …
  4. Use blotting papers and medicated pads. …
  5. Use a facial mask. …
  6. Apply moisturizers.

How often should you use bulldog face wash?

Use our Sensitive Face Wash twice a day, morning and evening, always followed by our Sensitive Moisturiser. This will help to cleanse, refresh and hydrate your skin without leaving feeling dry or greasy. Two to three times a week substitute our Sensitive Face Wash for our Sensitive Face Scrub to exfoliate the skin.

What age should you start using face wash?

10 years old

Is Bulldog Skincare good for sensitive skin?

Ideal for everyday use on sensitive skin, our Sensitive Moisturiser is hydrating and makes the perfect daily companion for your face.

Is Bulldog Skincare cruelty free?

We never use ingredients from animal sources and are certified by Cruelty Free International. All our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have never used plastic microbeads, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours.

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