Is INGLOT cheaper in Poland?

Are Inglot’s prices in Poland that different to Ireland? YES! I can confirm that everything in the Polish stores is approximately half the price of the stores in Ireland. This might have something to do with the fact that the products are manufactured in Poland.

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Also to know is, is INGLOT a Polish brand?

Inglot Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetics company headquartered in Przemy?l, south-eastern Poland, specializing in the manufacturing of make-up products. It is considered among the most successful makeup companies in the world which sells its products globally in over 790 boutique stores located in 80 countries.

Additionally, where is Inglot cosmetics from?


Correspondingly, why is INGLOT closing down?

THE WHY? The brand attributed store closures to ‘the impact of COVID-19 and the immense challenges facing the retail sector‘ via its Instagram page last month with social distancing rules rendering close contact services such as make-up application impossible.

Is INGLOT a good brand?

The quality is seriously that of a high-end brand, and their prices are brilliant – halfway between drug-store and department-store prices. When you use Inglot cosmetics, it feels like you bought MAC or Dior makeup on Black Friday – equally great quality; way lower prices.

Who is the owner of INGLOT?

the Swarbrigg family

Is INGLOT high-end?

INGLOT Bangladesh | High-End Cosmetics Brand of Bangladesh – Inglot Bangladesh.

Is inglot sold in stores?

INGLOT can be found in over 800 boutique stores, stands, and retail locations internationally. 1-2 locations are being open every week.

Is inglot a franchise?

The Westmeath-based franchise of the cosmetics brand recently opened a unit in the UK. THE IRISH FRANCHISE of cosmetic brand Inglot plunged into the red last year after opening several new stores around the country.

What is the meaning of inglot?

The name Inglot is from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of the Britain and comes from the baptismal name Inglet. The personal name Inglet was originally derived from the Old German word ingel which means angel.

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