Is Jordana discontinued?

Looks like Jordana is going out of business! They posted on their Instagram that it is a “goodbye for now” and they’re having a 50% off sale site wide.

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Then, which country brand is Jordana?

Thereof, who bought out Jordana makeup?
For Gryphon For Milani/Jordana
Caroline Luz Nancy Behrman
Owen Blicksilver Public Relations Behrman PR
203-656-2829 917-543-9955

Keeping this in consideration, is Jordana lip liner discontinued?

Jordana is no longer available at the stores (have been buying it for years, use it as a lipstick instead of a liner: does not smudge and last longer).

Who owns Milani makeup?

Gryphon Investors

Is Black Radiance a black owned company?

If you thought of Black Opal, Black Radiance or black|Up, the gag is they’re not actually black-owned. And though they do make products designed for black skin, many black-owned beauty brands have suffered from a lack of visibility.

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