Is LPL a good company?

In 2019, for example, 65 LPL advisors ranked among the best advisors in their states in Forbes’ list of Best-in-State Wealth Advisors. … Advisors for all types of clients: Because LPL has a vast network of advisors across the U.S., clients are likely to find an advisor whose specialty matches their needs.

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Considering this, what kind of company is LPL Financial?


Type Public
Revenue US$5.9 billion (2020)
AUM $903 Billion
Number of employees 4,658 (2020)
People also ask, is LPL a broker dealer? LPL Financial is a registered investment advisor and a broker/dealer, which means that an LPL financial professional can offer you both investment advisory and brokerage services.

Similarly, can you trust financial advisors?

An advisor who believes in having a long-term relationship with you—and not merely a series of commission-generating transactions—can be considered trustworthy.

How do LPL Financial advisors get paid?

LPL and its financial professionals are compensated directly by customers and indirectly from the investments made by customers. When customers pay us, we typically are paid an upfront commission or sales load at the time of the transaction and in some cases a deferred sales charge.

What is the best financial advisor company?

Find an Advisor Near You

Rank Financial Advisor
1 CAPTRUST Find an Advisor Read Review
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Is LPL Financial FDIC insured?

Note: Current Maximum FDIC Insurance offered through the LPL Insured Cash Program is currently $2,500,000 per individual ($5,000,000 for Joint Accounts).

What LPL means?

Definition. LPL. Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (University of Arizona) LPL. Lipoprotein Lipase.

When did LPL go self clearing?


How many employees does LPL Financial have?

4,229 employees

What platform does LPL use?

LPL’s comprehensive, integrated platform

This intuitive system offers a single location to access all client account types, access data, and process business. ClientWorks includes tools for account opening, client management, trading, and more.

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