Is Obagi prescription only?

Obagi skin care products include prescription 4% hydroquinone and are available only through physicians, medical spas, and other skin care and medical professionals. The only way to ensure your Obagi product is genuine is to purchase it through one of these authorized channels.

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Keeping this in view, how long does it take to see results from Obagi?

Your skin will complete three cellular turnover cycles during the 18—24 week system. Most patients start to see improvements within the first six weeks. According to clinical studies, 94% of patients were satisfied with the overall effectiveness of the Obagi NuDerm System plus retinol at 24 weeks.

In respect to this, is Obagi on Amazon real? LovelySkin com is an authorized reseller of Obagi products on As such, we guarantee the freshest, authentic Obagi stock available.

Secondly, does Obagi make your skin peel?

Answer: Obagi Nu-derm

They all get frustrated by the flaking and peeling, but grin and bear it, because the results are well worth it. If you are really red and peeling quite a bit,. you can probably back off the retin-A, but in most cases this will pass after a few more weeks.

Does Obagi lighten the skin?

As one of the products in the Obagi Nu Derm System, Obagi Blend Fx lightens your skin and tackles troublesome skin conditions such as melasma, dark spots and sun damage.

Does Sephora sell Obagi?

About Obagi Clinical

Obagi Clinical’s science-based and results-driven skin care line is available exclusively on

Is Obagi expensive?

How Much Do Obagi Products Cost? The price of Obagi medical grade products is set by each reseller, but suggested prices by the company are $245 for the Nu-Derm trial kit; $374 for the Obagi –C RX system and the ClenziDerm system is $147.

Are Obagi products on Overstock authentic?

LovelySkin com is an authorized reseller of Obagi , so you are guaranteed to receive the freshest, authentic Obagi products. 1 of 1 found this helpful. Do you? Overstock is on our list of Unauthorized Internet Resellers.

Is Obagi good for wrinkles?

In fact, 90% of study participants saw an improvement in facial appearance (i.e. lines and wrinkles less visible, face appeared firmer, improvement in appearance of texture, etc.) by week three with Obagi Retinol 1.0.

Why Dr Obagi left Obagi?

Obagi left OMP in 2006 after his role in it had started to diminish and the company had “strayed from his original goals”. In 2007, he created a new luxury skincare company called ZO Skin Health, Inc. based in Beverly Hills, California.

How long does Obagi Clenziderm take to work?

It is amazing how this set of products work on your face. Within 1 week, all the red, sore bumps on your face and neck are gone! Try it and you will see the result!

How can I tell if my Obagi is real?

The best way to spot a fake is to know the real product when you see it. Obagi authorized dealers use the registered or trademark symbols after the name of the Obagi products.

What is comparable to Obagi?

I suggest La Roche-Posay or BioMedic which work well but are less expensive then a cosmetic brand like Obagi. To treat the puffy eyes I suggest you try La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Eyes (Anti-Puff Rehydration). Please contact me if you have any further questions. Best skin care wishes.

Does Walmart sell Obagi?

Obagi – Obagi360 System, 3 Piece Preventative Skin Care System – –

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