Is Perricone MD good for aging skin?

If you are looking for a holistic and effective skin care range to fight skin aging, Perricone MD products are a great choice. This brand has been around for more than two decades and offers a wide range of skin care, makeup, and supplement products.

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Additionally, what does Perricone MD Cold Plasma do?

What it is: A powerhouse serum concentrate that targets skin’s individual needs, immediately and over time. This multitasking powerhouse targets the nine most visible signs of aging: loss of radiance, uneven texture, uneven tone, discoloration, redness, enlarged pores, lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness.

Hereof, is cold plasma good for your skin? Reducing harmful microbes that can lead to skin inflammation and infection. A single 2-minute treatment of cold atmospheric plasma was shown to be safe, painless and effective, decreasing 40% of bacterial load in plasma-treated wounds, regardless of the species of bacteria and without any noted side effects.

Thereof, how do you use Perricone MD Cold Plasma?

Why is Perricone so expensive?

Its promise is a younger-looking complexion and intensive firming. Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer is the culmination of twenty years of research and the most advanced firming moisturizer that Perricone MD has to offer—which is why it costs an eye-popping $290.

Does Perricone MD have retinol?

Perricone MD has combined all the research-backed benefits of retinol with cutting edge technology and other top-notch skin ingredients to create one stellar anti-aging treatment: High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Serum.

How do you use cold plasma face?


  1. Apply Cold Plasma Sub-D along the contours of the chin, jawline, neck and décolletage areas.
  2. Massage in circular motions.
  3. Make sure to apply the product to the back of the neck.
  4. Use in the morning and evening.

What does plasma do to your face?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections as a stand-alone treatment for the face stimulates new collagen, enhances microcirculation and regrowth of new healthy skin. Platelet-Rich Plasma is also commonly used for popular treatments like Vampire Facial® and the Vampire Facelift®.

Does Perricone work on neck?

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub-D/Neck promotes the most visible signs of a youthful-looking neck and a firm, sculpted jawline. Apply generously to cleansed neck and jawline area.

What is a cold plasma facial?

Cold plasma applies that same basic theory to helium atoms, but at a lower level. This creates a beam that is cool, hence the term nonthermal plasma. If you touched the beam directly, it would feel hot, but the temperature of cold plasma light is much cooler than that of a laser or IPL device.

What is cold plasma fibroblast?

Plasma Fibroblast is a non-surgical, revolutionary skin tightening treatment for immediate and long term face and body rejuvenation. Plasma energy arcs ablate microscopic dots across the skin’s surface. This instantly tightens lax skin to visibly lift and smooth the signs of ageing and reduce scar tissue.

What is a cold plasma pen?

Treatment is administered through a pen-like device that allows clinicians to target the affected area. A bluish stream of cold plasma comes out of the tip of the pen, almost like a laser. Almela noted that cold plasma kills pathogens—including viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms—but does not affect normal cells.

When do you use Perricone Cold Plasma?

Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma+ Face is a multi-tasking powerhouse that targets your skin’s individual needs to deliver visible and personalized results in 7 days. Apply liberally morning and evening on cleansed skin.

Can you use Perricone sub D on face?

Use morning and evening. Apply Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub-D/Neck generously to cleansed neck and jawline area. Begin by massaging along the bottom of the neck area in gentle, circular motions, moving up the front and back of the neck, under the chin and around the jawline. Use morning and evening.

How long do Perricone products last?

Perricone’s website indicates that most products used twice a day should last two to three months, but his products have a shelf life of two years.

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