Is sweet and sassy closing?

The business is well known among young girls and their parents for its salon, spa and party celebrations. The email said all previously booked parties will be honored and the salon will continue as normal until closing day. …

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Also, is there an age limit for sweet and sassy?

Our Spa is built around serving girls ages 3-10.

Considering this, how much does sweet and sassy cost? Sweet & Sassy. Basic makeovers are just $25 in most markets and include a quick and fun up-do, glittery make-up, and a quick nail polish.

In this manner, what do you do at sweet and sassy?

We are a salon, spa, and celebration place for children and tweens. From kid spa packages to fancy updos, princess birthday celebrations to ear-piercings, our store has everything you could want for an unforgettable day. Come step into our world for an hour or an afternoon and make your dreams a reality.

Can you get your ears pierced at sweet and sassy?

We offer free earpiercing with the purchase of select earrings, and all of our earrings are hypo-allergenic, sterile, and super cute!

Who owns sweet and sassy?

Dixie Drake Clarke

What does sassy mean in slang?

Sassy means “bold or fresh.” If you see your teacher in the grocery store with her attractive, well-dressed husband and you charge right over to say, “Who’s the hunk?” that’s being very sassy. Sassy comes from saucy, as in: bold, spicy, and impertinent.

How much is ear piercing at sweet and sassy?

Get your ears pierced and take a Photo with a Princess. Free Ear Piercing with purchase of select earrings – $35.00 and up. Please help us keep this calendar up to date!

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