Is the Empire Plan part of UnitedHealthcare?

Call for information about Centers of Excellence. The Empire Plan Medical/Surgical Program UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company of New York, P.O. Box 1600, Kingston, NY 12402-1600. website:

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Additionally, what type of insurance is Empire plan?

health insurance plan
Moreover, is the Empire Plan the same as Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield? Empire BlueCross (Empire) is the trade name of Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Inc. and Empire BlueCross HMO is the trade name of Empire HealthChoice HMO, Inc. independent licensees of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, serving residents and businesses in the 28 eastern and southeastern counties of New York State.

Also to know is, what states accept the Empire Plan?

UnitedHealthcare Options PPO providers participate in The Empire Plan in 12 states/regions: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois (Chicago and surrounding counties), Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C. and West Virginia.

Is the Empire Plan a PPO?

SUNY participates in the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP). This program offers a PPO, known as the Empire Plan, and several different HMOs, varying by geographic region around the State. Specific coverage provisions and plan design vary by health insurance plan and by employee bargaining unit.

How much does the Empire plan cost?

2019 Participating Agency Empire Plan Cost Estimate Calculator

Rate Per Coverage Type 2019 Monthly Rate Total
Individual Coverage $1,042.85 $
Family Coverage (Individuals & Dependents) $2,412.77 $
Medicare-primary – Individual $403.27 $
Medicare-primary – Family (with one Medicare) $1,773.19 $

Is Nyship Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Your SEHP medical coverage will be through insurance carriers under contract with NYSHIP: Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (for hospital benefits), UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company of New York (medical/surgical), GHI/ValueOptions (mental health and substance abuse) and CIGNA/Express Scripts (prescription drugs).

What is the difference between Anthem and Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Anthem Blue Cross is a for profit company in California, and Blue Shield is a non-profit. … Both insurance companies have large networks and very good doctors. In California, Anthem Blue Cross is the biggest health insurance carrier.

What is a PPO plan?

PPO stands for preferred provider organization. Just like an HMO, or health maintenance organization, a PPO plan offers a network of healthcare providers you can use for your medical care. These providers have agreed to provide care to the plan members at a certain rate.

Does the Empire plan cover dental?


After you have met your annual deductible, Empire will pay for Dental services at the listed coinsurance amounts up to the Maximum Allowed Charge (MAC) as determined by Empire for each covered service.

Does Empire Plan cover gym membership?

Eligible members have a total of $200 per family to use towards reimbursement for any fitness clubs or exercise centers of their choosing in their eligible coverage year. Family members must be eligible under the member’s benefit coverage.

How do I know what my insurance covers?

How to Find out What Your Health Insurance Plan Covers

  1. Read your plan’s coverage paperwork. …
  2. Call your health insurance company’s customer service department. …
  3. Figuring out how much you will have to pay. …
  4. Exact cost estimates are hard to come by! …
  5. Appealing coverage decisions.

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