Is the Royal Marsden hospital private?

Summary. The Royal Marsden is a leading hospital providing the latest cancer treatments to patients. The hospital is equipped with a state of the art private wing and offers both self paying and private medically insured patient’s first class care.

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Beside above, why would I be referred to the Royal Marsden?

The Royal Marsden is a specialist cancer hospital and receives referrals from GPs, consultants and other hospitals when patients need specialist care. This means that other hospitals may be involved in your care at different points during your treatment plan.

Also, can I be referred to the Royal Marsden? If you would like to be treated at The Royal Marsden as a private patient, please ask your family doctor or other consultants involved in your care to refer you. Letters of referral can be sent to the Private Care Contact Centre who will direct your case to the most appropriate consultant for you.

Also question is, what does the Royal Marsden Specialise in?

cancer treatment

How much does a round of chemo cost?

Medication is only part of the problem. Many who are diagnosed in later stages need chemotherapy. Again, the costs can vary considerably, but a basic round of chemo can cost $10,000 to $100,000 or more. Additionally, many people need medication and chemotherapy at the same time.

How much does a course of chemotherapy cost UK?

The cost of chemotherapy in the UK is expensive if one chooses to go privately. The cost varies hugely with individual medical needs but a single round of chemotherapy can cost up to £30,000. Indeed, chemotherapy costs the NHS an estimated £1.4 billion a year.

How do I get a second NHS opinion?

Second opinions

You can ask your GP to arrange a second opinion either from a specialist or another GP. However, the GP does not have to do this if they do not think it necessary. You have no right to a second opinion. You do have the right to see a GP competent to deal with your particular case.

How do I get a referral to Royal Marsden?

Referrals to The Royal Marsden’s Breast Unit can be made using NHS e-Referrals (formerly Choose and Book). The form can also be scanned and emailed to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can fax a copy of the referral form (see below) to the Central Referrals Office on 020 8661 3149.

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