Is zircon good for an engagement ring?

Cubic zirconia is a very cheap, synthetic option for jewelry, but it’s not recommended for engagement rings and fine jewelry. Cubic zirconia won’t hold up well over time, and it won’t offer nearly as much beauty as a diamond or colored gemstone.

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In this regard, is a zircon ring worth it?

Although some varieties of zircon is much rarer than diamonds, the price of these stones are generally much less expensive. This means that you can get an amazing stone for a good price, making zircon a great option for jewelry.

Furthermore, is blue zircon a good stone? Boosts Creativity & Self Confidence – A natural Blue Zircon gemstone is considered good for people in creative professions such as painting, writing, music etc. Cures Physical & Emotional Health – Since ancient times, Blue Zircon stone is known for its strong healing effects.

People also ask, does blue zircon fade?

The day after its exposure to sunlight, the color will still be about 10 to 20 percent faded, but within a few days its original beautiful color will be fully restored. Blue zircon is slightly harder than quartz at 7 but chips easily, so durability must be considered when using it in a ring.

Who should wear blue zircon?

Indian astrology suggests blue zircon ratna for tula (libra) and vrishabha (taurus) rashi. Western astrology recommends blue zircon birthstone for cancer sign. Ascendants of gemini, virgo, capricorn and aquarius symptoms can also put on a blue zircon gem.

What is the rarest color of zircon?

Zircons come in many colors, but blue is perhaps the most popular and expensive. However, almost all blue zircon is heat treated. Green is the rarest natural color.

Is zircon rarer than diamond?

Colorless zircons may produce highly convincing diamond imitations and even outshine poor diamonds when cut appropriately. Interestingly, zircon is actually rarer than diamond, despite its lengthy history as a diamond replacement. However, mimicry can only get you so far.

Is cubic zirconia shinier than diamond?

If you want a stone that shines, a diamond is the best bet. Cubic zirconia has a much lower refractive index than a diamond, so it captures light differently and shines less.

Does zircon look like diamond?

What is Zircon? Zircon is a natural gemstone popular for an astounding optical splendor that resembles a diamond. This trait of zircon makes it popular among jewelry and gem enthusiasts. The unique characteristic of displaying fire and luster makes this gemstone optically similar to diamond.

How much is zirconium worth?

Cubic zirconia simulants are much, much cheaper than mined diamond. For example, a flawless 1 carat round colorless diamond graded D costs around $12,000 whereas a 1 carat cubic zirconia is only worth $20.

Does White zircon sparkle like a diamond?

White Zircon

Not to be confused with synthetic cubic zirconia, zircon is a natural mineral. With its excellent brilliance and dispersion, it has a long history as a diamond simulant. In terms of appearance, zircon comes closer to diamond than any other mined gemstone.

Is blue zircon December birthstone?

December Birthstones

Zircon commonly occurs as brownish red, which can be popular for its earth tones. However, most gem-quality stones are heat treated until colorless, gold or blue (the most popular color). Blue zircon, in particular, is the alternative birthstone for December.

Is blue zircon a crystal?

The crystal structure of zircon is tetragonal crystal system. The natural color of zircon varies between colorless, yellow-golden, red, brown, blue, and green. The name derives from the Persian zargun, meaning “gold-hued”.

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