What companies does Thoma Bravo own?

In 2008, Thoma Cressey Bravo became Thoma Bravo after Bryan Cressey left the company to establish a separate healthcare services fund, Cressey & Co. Thoma Bravo is led by managing partners Seth Boro, Orlando Bravo, Scott Crabill, Lee Mitchell, Holden Spaht and Carl Thoma.

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Accordingly, does Thoma Bravo take companies public?

Thoma Bravo‘s blank-check firm has reached an agreement to take app software company ironSource public through a merger that values the combined business at $11.1 billion. … Orlando Bravo, founder and managing partner of Thoma Bravo, the private equity giant behind the SPAC, will join the board of ironSource.

Additionally, how many companies does Thoma Bravo own? Thoma Bravo has made 46 acquisitions and 39 investments. The company has spent over $ 41.13B for the acquisitions. Thoma Bravo has invested in multiple sectors such as Cybersecurity, Internal: Artificial Intelligence Apps, Banking Tech and more.

Keeping this in consideration, how much is Thoma Bravo worth?

Thoma Bravo is estimated to be worth $7 billion and has done 230 software deals worth over $68 billion since 2003 and presently oversees a portfolio of 38 software companies that generate some $12 billion in annual revenue and employ 40,000 people.

Does Thoma Bravo layoff?

Little bit of online search reveals that Thoma Bravo is notoriously famous for laying off significant percentage of employees after each of their acquisitions.

Who owns ConnectWise?

Thoma Bravo

What does Thoma Bravo do?

Thoma Bravo is a leading private equity firm with a 40+ year history, including over $78 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2021, and a focus on investing in software and technology companies.

Who is buying Realpage?

Thoma Bravo

Who bought Imperva?

Thoma Bravo

Who is the richest Puerto Rican?


  • Wall Street’s hottest dealmaker, Orlando Bravo is the first Puerto Rican-born billionaire.
  • Bravo’s firm Thoma Bravo, which focuses solely on software deals, was ranked as world’s top buyout investor in a 2019 report.

Who is the richest person in the world?

Jeff Bezos

Does Puerto Rico belong to USA?

In 1898, following the Spanish–American War, the United States acquired Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans have been U.S. citizens since 1917, and can move freely between the island and the mainland.

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