What company does Nordstrom use for 401k?

Trustees and Administrator of the Plan—The asset trustees of the Plan are Mercer Trust Company (all assets except the Nordstrom Target Retirement Date Funds) and The Bank of New York Mellon (Nordstrom Target Retirement Date Funds only).

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Then, does Nordstrom have a pension plan?

The Nordstrom 401(k) Plan (the “Plan”), as amended, was originally established on January 1, 1953 and is a defined contribution plan.

Similarly one may ask, how do I access my Nordstrom 401k? Anyone who is associated with the Nordstrom can log into the My Nordstrom Employee Login portal in order to access their account and claim benefits. The employee portal is functional and lets the users claim the Nordstrom 401k program, Nordstrom Schedule, My Nordstrom Direct Access, and other employee benefits.

One may also ask, does Nordstrom offer benefits?

Nordstrom Benefits

We offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, vision and dental coverage, a fabulous merchandise discount, an employer-matched 401(k) plan and much more.

What is the Commission at Nordstrom?

6.75 percent

What is Nordstrom employee discount?

Every regularly scheduled Nordstrom employee is entitled to an employee discount of 20 percent off of all purchases, with the exception of Gift Card purchases. Some employees, such as departmental managers and ‘All Stars’, are entitled to a higher discount rate of 33 percent.

What health insurance does Nordstrom use?

What are Employee Benefits at Nordstrom?

Nordstrom Employee Benefits Description
Life Insurance Basic life insurance up to $10,000/employee
Health Insurance Nordstrom employee health benefits Covered by Aetna 20% copay on all things covered plan
Vision Insurance 50% copay on all eye tests, glasses, and contacts.

What are Nordstrom paid holidays?

2021 Nordstrom Holiday

Jan 1 New Year’s Day Friday
May 31 Memorial Day Monday
Jul 4 Independence Day Sunday
Sep 6 Labor Day Monday
Oct 11 Columbus Day Monday

What holidays is Nordstrom closed?

Monday to Sunday Hours.

Commonly, stores open later than normal and close earlier than normal on major holidays, such as Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day. The majority of stores close EARLY on Christmas Eve and close LATER than normal on Black Friday.

How do I access my Nordstrom employee email?

MyNordstrom Login: Step-By-Step

Enter your Nordstrom Employee Number, click ‘Request Password’ and a new password will be sent to your email address. To log in, go to MyNordstrom.com and enter your Employee Number and password in the relevant fields. Then, click on the ‘Login’ button to sign in to your account.

How do I check my Nordstrom schedule?

In future, you will be able to view your schedule by logging in to your MyNordstrom account and clicking the ‘Log In to My Schedule‘ link.

How do I use my employee discount on Nordstrom online?

Questions? Email us at contacts@

  1. Sign in, select your purchases and then proceed to Checkout. …
  2. Enter your employee number in the employee number box, select your discount and click Apply.
  3. Enter your payment information and click Save & Continue.

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