What foundation does Chelsea Houska wear?

foundation! She admitted to loving the Face Tape foundation by Tarte. She also said she loves the Shape Tape concealer, also by Tarte. Chelsea later clarified that this was the foundation she is currently using, but admitted she still loves the other one!

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In this way, is Chelsea still an esthetician?

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Ditched Her Job as an Esthetician to Be a Full-Time Mama.

Regarding this, how much is Chelsea DeBoer house worth? Inside ‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska’s $418K house boasting six breathtaking acres of land. TEEN Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is raising her three young children in a country-style home on six acres of land! Chelsea, 28, and her husband Cole DeBoer, 31, purchased their South Dakota home in July 2018 for $418,000.

Consequently, what shampoo does Chelsea Houska use?

First, she shared that she uses Keratin Heating Oil from L’ANZA. From the same brand, she also uses the Silken Shampoo.

How did Chelsea Houska lose weight?

How did she lose weight? Chelsea reportedly used Profile by Sanford after her pregnancies to shed the extra baby pounds. In an Instagram post uploaded last year, she wrote: “I’m happiest when I’m healthiest, that’s why I’m SO excited to continue my Profile journey.

What does Chelsea’s dad do for a living?

Dentist & family man

You may know Dr. Randy Houska from his years on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’, as Chelsea’s quick-witted “Papa Randy.” However, he was a dentist long before he showed up on television screens across America.

What does Cole DeBoer do for a living?

For example, Chelsea Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer works as a traffic control specialist, which means he deals with the roads and highways for the state of South Dakota.

What kind of car does Chelsea Houska drive?

Chelsea Houska just picked out a new Land Rover as her “mom car,” and took to Instagram to show off her shiny new vehicle.

How much is Chelsea Houska worth 2020?

Chelsea Houska is worth approximately $2 million. In addition to her MTV salary, Chelsea earns cash as an influencer with 5.8 million followers on Instagram. Finally, the Teen Mom star with the highest net worth in 2020 is alum Farrah Abraham.

What does Chelsea Houska eat?

Chelsea Houska’s favorite foods and recipes

“I have a Chocolate Brownie shake every morning mixed with coffee. It’s so good!” Her ultimate favorite product, though, is the wafer bars. And her husband, Cole Deboer, is also a fan. “They are definitely my top favorite.

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