What happened to Val Kilmer’s ex wife?

After her wedding with Val, Joanne decided to take a short break from her acting career. This was because she wanted to focus on her role as a mother as she shares two children with the American star.

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Furthermore, is Val Kilmer in a relationship?

Although Val Kilmer has said that he has not been in a relationship for over two decades, the star has dated several famous actresses in his youth. The Top Gun star recalled his past relationships in his memoir, I’m Your Huckleberry (2020).

Likewise, what happened Kelly McGillis? McGillis was left scratched and bruised after being reportedly assaulted by a woman who broke into her North Carolina home on June 17, 2016. She said the attack, as well as others she has experienced in the past, led her to apply for a concealed carry gun permit to protect herself.

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