What is a Vesper massager necklace?

A sexy piece of wearable tech, this stainless steel necklace is a powerful but quiet pinpoint vibrator.

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Then, how do you turn on Vesper?

It has four speed settings controlled by a single discrete button, or you can simply wear it as a sophisticated accessory.

  1. Instructions: Press the Vesper’s single button to turn on and to change between the four vibration patterns. …
  2. Features four speeds: low, medium, high, and pulsing.
Subsequently, what is a vibrating necklace? The PULSE is a pendant that you can hang from your neck like a necklace, but it’s not just decorative. When your hand gets close to the device it starts to vibrate. … Three teammates at the lab developed the vibrating necklace to work with other coronavirus measures, like hand-washing and mask-wearing.

Thereof, is the Vesper waterproof?

The Vesper is only splash-proof when fully assembled. Do not submerge it or hold it under running water. These products are waterproof when fully assembled. Feel free to use them in the tub, shower and submerge them.

How do you clean a crave Vesper?

Vesper cleans up easily. The stainless steel body is splash-proof. Cleaning is easy with a damp cloth or toy wipe.

How long does love crave take to ship?

Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days pending availability and credit verification, excluding weekends and holidays. Expedited orders will be shipped the same day if placed before 1PM EST. We do not ship on the weekend or U.S. holidays, and we do not offer Saturday delivery for expedited shipping.

How do you charge crave bullets?


Unscrew the tip for USB recharging with the supplied cable.

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