What is Arogya health care?

Arogya Health Care ( A Brand of Om Sai & Sons ), established in the year 2007, is one of the leading manufacturer, and importer of a superior range of Precision Health Care Products. We are offering Massage Equipment, Healthcare Equipment, and Physiotherapy Equipment.

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Hereof, is Sivaraman alive?

Sivaraman, who introduced the concept of geriatric surgery in the State, died on Thursday. He was 74. Dr. … He completed his MBBS from Thanjavur Medical College and MS (General Surgery) at Madras Medical College.

Accordingly, who is the best Siddha doctor in Chennai? Top specialties in Chennai Tamilnadu

  • Mahalingam Kathamuthu. Siddha Medicine.
  • K. Dr. K.sathiya Moorthi. General Surgery.
  • V. Dr. Viji Dhakshinamoorthy. Radiology.
  • R. R.rajandran Radhakrishnan. Siddha Medicine.
  • P. Dr. Philomin Raj. Homeopathy.
  • Dr. Viji Karthik. Internal Medicine.
  • K. Dr. Karthick Parthasarathy. …
  • S. Dr. Subramaniam Subbukalai.

Besides, who is indhu Sivaraman?

Indhu Sivaraman’s role at Innoppl Inc. is Testing Engineer.

How many kids does shivaraman have?

two sons

How many members are there in the Sivaraman family?

2) Sivaram’s family consists of eight members – Sivaram, his wife, his sister, mother and four children (3 girls and a boy).

What is the salary of Siddha doctors in Tamilnadu?

BSMS Salary: The initial salary of a Siddha doctor in a government hospital is around INR 2 lakhs per annum and the pay gets increased after experience.

How can I study Siddha?

The duration of undergraduate course Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery (B.S.M.S.) is 5 1/2 years and post graduate course M.D. (Siddha) is 3 years. Like other forms of medicine, the minimum qualification for a bachelor course in Siddha is 10+2 with PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology).

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