What is blooming gel polish?

Effortlessly achieve water-colour, airbrushed, marble, stripe and flower designs with our brand new Blooming Gel, over any GelBottle colours.

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In this manner, how do you use blooming gel polish?


  1. Apply 2in1 Base and GelBottle Colour as usual and cure;
  2. Then apply the Blooming Gel;
  3. Without curing draw your design and cure;
  4. Finish off with Extreme Shine Top Coat.
Just so, can you use regular nail polish with blooming gel? Bloom Gel Clear is THE BEST clear blooming gel base layer on the market! It works with all kinds of colored gel polishes and is perfect for Fluid Art!

Secondly, can you use top coat instead of blooming gel?

Apply your top coat and cure. Blooming gel can also be applied over cured acrylic and builder gels in the same way.

What is blooming effect nail polish?

Create easy marbling effects or roses with any gel polish! This blooming effect gel is a transparent soakoff UV/LED Gel that makes it super easy to create flower-blossoming effects.

How can I get my nail polish to bloom?


  1. Apply a thin coat over base or color gel, do not cure.
  2. Apply color gel onto desired area, over uncured blooming gel. Allow time for color gel to disperse for blooming effect.
  3. Cure with LED lamp for 30 seconds, or UV lamp for 2 mins.
  4. Seal off with gel topcoat and cure.

How do you make a rose with blooming gel?

How do you do marble nails with blooming gel?

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