What is Clinique Smart clinical Md used for?

What Else You Need to Know: This cream helps visibly lift and sculpt the facial profile. Powered by morpho technology and custom repair, this global, de-aging formula with sweet almond seed extract and soybean seed extract helps visibly correct lines and wrinkles, dullness, and uneven tone.

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Besides, how do you use Clinique Smart MD?

See How To Apply Clinique Smart Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Age Transformer Duo Resculpt + Revolumize. Smooth Resculpt into the jawline to contour and tighten. Apply Revolumize in the apples of the cheeks to plump and resurface. Apply where needed twice a day on face, neck and d├ęcolletage.

Then, does Clinique Smart have retinol? Clinique Smart Night™ Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Repair Treatment Retinol. Retinol helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Always formulated for maximum results without irritation. No parabens.

Moreover, how much is Clinique Smart clinical?

Clinique Smart Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Age Transformer Duo retails for $69 and is available on clinique.com and in Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s stores nationwide.

Is Clinique for older skin?

The Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum is full of excellent anti-aging ingredients that will lessen the appearance of wrinkles and improve your skin. You don’t have to spend your entire paycheck to get an effective all-in-one serum that targets the key signs of aging.

Does Clinique Smart serum work?

This anti-aging serum claims to target skin issues ranging from fine lines and wrinkles, to uneven skin tone and texture. While the serum fails to deliver on all of the claims it makes, it does an excellent job when it comes to evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of sunspots and other complexion issues.

What does Clinique Smart night do?

Clinique Smart Night is an oil-free night cream that targets all major signs of aging. It is said to be able to firm, brighten and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Clinique Smart™ hydration technology helps skin attract and retain moisture so you wake up to skin that’s fresh, firm and alive with youth.

What is Clinique Resculpt?

Clinique Smart Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Age Transformer Resculpt is an instant-tightening gel-cream with neuropeptides that visibly rejuvenates facial morphology. It helps visibly lift and resculpt your facial profile.

How do you use Clinique de aging set?

Smart Custom-Repair Serum: Apply twice daily, morning and night. Place two pumps into the palm of your hand. Apply all over your face in an upward motion. Apply remaining serum onto neck.

Which Clinique has retinol?

Clinique’s breakthrough Fresh Pressed Clinical Daily + Overnight Boosters with Pure Vitamins C 10% + A (Retinol) are freshly activated to deliver prescription-level results against visible wrinkles. * Simply mix a few pumps with your favorite Clinique moisturizer-Vitamin C in the morning, Vitamin A at night.

Does Clinique retinol work?

The results from just 7 days of using the Clinique Fresh Pressed Retinol serum have been impressive. I must say that I did notice results almost immediately. The first night I used it, I woke up the next morning to noticeably smoother skin. You can tell when you wash your face in the morning.

What age should you start using retinol?

Begin in Your Mid ’20s or Early ’30s

“Your mid-twenties are a great time to start using retinol,” says Ellen Marmur, M.D. “Many patients who have used it for years swear by it.”

Is Clinique Smart Clinical a night cream?

What It Is: Clinique Smart Night Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Repair Treatment Retinol Serum is a skin-repairing nighttime treatment that jumpstarts the anti-aging process with the multi-dimensional power of retinol plus comforting hydration.

How do you use Clinique?

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