What is Rigp?

Definition. RIGP. Retirement Income Guarantee Plan (Xerox)

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Also know, what is a pension restoration plan?

A restoration plan is designed to “restore” benefits or contributions that are cut back or limited under a tax-qualified retirement plan due to Internal Revenue Code limits. Restoration plans are common and generally do not result in negative attention from shareholders.

Additionally, does Xerox have a pension plan? Pension Benefits

[If a RIGP participant]Effective on your retirement date, you will become a retiree of Xerox. As a retiree, you will receive pension benefits accrued in the Retirement Income Guarantee Plan (RIGP).

Thereof, what is a restoration payment?

Restoration Payment means each and any payment by Parent in respect of all or a portion of Parent’s Restoration Obligation as contemplated by the Parent Undertaking Guaranty.

What is a restoration account?

Restoration Plan Account means the account established for a Participant under Section 5. … A Restoration Plan Account may have such sub-accounts as the Committee determines to be necessary or convenient.

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