What is the difference between Davis and VSP?

How is Davis Vision different than VSP? Davis Vision offers the same services most employees have used with VSP. One unique aspect of Davis Vision is that they fabricate their own eyewear when using a Davis Vision independent provider; this allows Davis Vision to reduce cost.

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Furthermore, is Davis Vision the same as Vision works?

Visionworks announces completion of two-year nationwide rebranding process with renaming, remodeling of Empire Vision and Davis Vision stores.

Herein, how long does it take to get glasses from Davis Vision? Generally, your eyewear will be delivered to your provider from the laboratory within five business days. More delivery time maybe needed when out-of-stock frames, anti-reflective coating, specialized prescriptions or a participating provider’s frame is selected.

Moreover, what is the best federal vision plan?

Best Overall VSP Vision Care

VSP is our top pick because it offers multiple plans with flexible coverage and costs, and because it is the largest provider of vision insurance available to most people. Largest vision insurer in the U.S. Monthly premiums start at $13.

What is the best possible vision?


Did Davis Vision get bought out?

MetLife entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Versant Health, which owns Davis Vision and Superior Vision. “The transaction will make MetLife the third-largest U.S. vision insurer by membership.

Does Highmark own Davis Vision?

Highmark acquired Davis Vision in 1996 and in the past 21 years has grown it into a national company. The deal includes an unspecified minority ownership in the combined company for Highmark.

Who is Davis Vision?

Davis Vision is a provider of integrated vision care solutions by offering differentiated products and services. Davis Vision owns and operates as a chain of managed eye care centers that offer diagnostics, eyeglasses, frames and laser vision correction surgeries.

How do I find my Davis Vision Member ID?

Your member number can be found on your member ID card or by logging into your account.

What is client code for Davis Vision?

Just log on to the Open Enrollment section of our Member site at www.davisvision.com and enter client control code 2429 for the Standard Plan and client control code 2431 for the Premium Plan, and click “Find a Provider”.

What is Davis Vision Member ID?

The ID # is for the vision benefit Policyholder (i.e., the primary insured) and may be: a unique number provided by Davis Vision (if a Davis Vision ID card was received) a unique number provided by a Medical Plan (if the vision coverage is through a Medical Plan)

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