Who bought Ohio National life?

Constellation Insurance Holdings, Inc.

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Beside above, what does Ohio National Financial Services do?

Exceptional products and solutions

Our company offers industry-leading products — all backed by solid financial strength including a full portfolio of life insurance, disability income (DI) insurance and annuity products to help meet the needs of individuals and business owners.

Regarding this, is Ohio National a mutual company? Ohio National Mutual Holdings, Inc. is a mutual insurance holding company whose voting members are life insurance policyholders and annuity contract owners of The Ohio National Life Insurance Company.

People also ask, how big is Ohio National?

About Ohio National

As of December 31, 2020, its affiliated companies have $41.2 billion total assets under management. Products are issued by The Ohio National Life Insurance Company and Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation. Recognized as a Leader in Gender Equity by Queen City Certified.

Why are companies demutualized?

Demutualization benefits a company by allowing it to raise money by trading shares, which potentially leads to faster growth and a stronger company. Policyholders also benefit by receiving compensation for their ownership stake.

What happened to Ohio National?

Earlier last week, Ohio National Life announced that its board of directors approved an acquisition transaction. If approved, the company will demutualize and become a stock owned-subsidiary of Constellation Insurance Holdings, Inc. out of Canada.

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