Who is eligible for Illinois benefit Access Program?

Age Must be 65 years of age or older by December 31 of the current year; or Must be 16 years of age or older and totally disabled before January 1 of this year. Residency Must live in Illinois at the time of application.

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Thereof, what is the Illinois Department of Aging Benefit Access Program?

Parts of the Department on Aging’s Benefit Access Program, formerly known as the Circuit Breaker Program, allows for the Secretary of State’s office to provide for a reduced-fee license plates aimed toward senior citizens and persons with disabilities with specific qualifications.

Likewise, people ask, is there a senior discount for Illinois license plate renewal? If you are 65 years of age or older, or 16 years of age and totally disabled, you may be eligible for an income-based license plate discount through the Benefit Access Program of the Illinois Department on Aging. … The discount is available for one vehicle per household.

Hereof, who is benefit access?

The Benefit Access Program provides Senior Ride Free Transit (65 & older), Persons with Disabilities Ride Free Transit and Secretary of State License Plate Discount for eligible persons below a certain income ceiling: single- $27,610, couple- $36,635 and 3 or more people in household- $45,657.

How much is the Illinois license plate discount for seniors?

After you have been approved for the Benefit Access Program through the Illinois Department on Aging, you will receive a letter from Secretary of State Jesse White. When you buy license plates or renew your license plate sticker, submit the letter to verify that you are eligible for the discounted rate of $24.

What is the income limit for reduced license plates in Illinois?


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