Who is Guggenheim Partners owned by?

Guggenheim Partners

Type Limited liability company
AUM $270 billion
Owner Private
Number of employees 2,400
Website guggenheimpartners.com guggenheiminvestments.com

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Also, how much is Guggenheim Partners worth?

Guggenheim Partners is a global investment and advisory firm with more than $315 billion* in assets under management and a track record of delivering results through innovative solutions.

Then, is Guggenheim Partners a hedge fund? Guggenheim’s hedge fund managed account platform enables its clients, including some of the world’s largest hedge fund investors, to make better-informed allocation decisions and to mitigate the risks associated with direct hedge fund investing.

Keeping this in view, what is Guggenheim securities known for?

Guggenheim Securities, LLC operates as an investment and advisory firm. The Company specializes in structured fixed income and corporate credit sales, trading, and research. Guggenheim Securities serves customers in the United States.

Who is Scott Minerd?

Scott Minerd is a founding and managing partner at Guggenheim Partners. In his role as Global Chief Investment Officer, he guides the firm’s investment strategies and oversees client accounts across a broad range of fixed-income and equity securities.

What makes Guggenheim Partners unique?

A Hidden Digital Prowess. As one of the world’s leading private investment banking and asset management firms, Guggenheim Partners has a rich history of thought leadership, particularly in the areas of technology and its impact on markets.

How much is Todd Boehly worth?

Todd Boehly

Todd Boehly
Alma mater College of William & Mary London School of Economics
Occupation businessman investor philanthropist
Net worth £4.72 billion (2019)
Title Eldridge Industries (co-founder, chairman & CEO)

Does Guggenheim own security benefit?

Guggenheim recently had more than $265 billion of assets under management, according to its website. It bought Security Benefit Life in 2010.

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