Why does Gwen Stefani look younger?

Gwen Stefani’s fountain of youth comes from an unexpected source. The 51-year-old pop star says her love life with country singer Blake Shelton is what keeps her youthful, according to an interview she gave The Daily Telegraph – a U.K.-based newspaper.

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In this manner, how does Gwen Stefani stay wrinkle free?

She washes her face every night before bed, and makes a point to get all the makeup off before applying a moisturizer. “I don’t have a huge routine, but I wash my face with some cleanser that takes makeup off.

Beside this, is Gwen Stefani vegan? A vegetarian since the age of 12, former No Doubt singer Stefani follows a “mostly vegan” diet. … A source reportedly told the publication, “Gwen’s told him the way to lose it is to stay the hell away from meat and bad carbs.” They added, “she’s totally into her workouts and vegetarian diet and staying healthy.

Hereof, what kind of foundation does Gwen Stefani use?

Gwen Stefani is blessed with a gorgeous, porcelain skin tone that enhances her retro look. Use a matte or semi-matte foundation to recreate her style. Products to try include: Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

How old is Gwen 50?

Stefani is 50 years old. According to Biography, she was born on October 3, 1969 in Fullerton, California.

How has Gwen Stefani aged so well?

Along with staying out of the sun, Stefani’s top tips for a youthful appearance include taking makeup off every night, getting enough sleep, working out at least four times per week, and eating a mostly plant-based diet.

How did Gwen Stefani grow her eyebrows?

In addition to a majorly improved (yet still edgy) hairstyle, Stefani has rehabbed her brows impressively. If you suffered a similar tweezer addiction in your past, RevitaBrow can be a miracle worker. After you apply the conditioning serum for several weeks, brow hairs begin to grow back thicker, correcting bald spots.

How does Gwen Stefani have such great skin?

She eats a vegetarian diet.

It’s no secret that diet contributes to how your skin looks, and Gwen gets it. During a Mix 104.1 interview, she revealed that she has been a vegetarian since age 12, but her long-time boyfriend Blake Shelton does’t follow the same diet.

Does Gwen Stefani drink coffee?

With her busy schedule, it comes as no surprise that she drinks plenty of caffeine, especially on the set of The Voice. During an interview with Bon Appétit, she said her “go-to is coffee and tea,” but she prefers decaf when she’s on tour.

What is Gwen Stefani real hair color?

Although Stefani is always seen spotting platinum blonde hair, the singer’s real hair is actually a beautiful pale brown shade.

What does Gwen Stefani eat to stay so skinny?

Diet Features

Stefani requested vitamin waters, soy milk, organic vegetables such as beets, carrots, celery and spinach, organic almonds and cashews, and organic fruits, which include plums, melons and bananas.

What products does Gwen Stefani use on her hair?

While chatting all things hair with Refinery29, legendary hairstylist and Gwen Stefani’s go-to guy, Danilo, shared that he uses none other than Pantene Smoothing Combing Creme to keep the pop star’s locks looking luscious at all times.

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