Why is one side of my face aging more than the other?

Almost everyone has some degree of asymmetry on their face. But some cases of asymmetry are more noticeable than others. Injury, aging, smoking, and other factors can contribute to asymmetry. … However, new, noticeable asymmetry may be a sign of a serious condition like Bell’s palsy or stroke.

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Also to know is, why is one side of my face Saggier?

Some people may have more noticeable asymmetry than others. Factors such as aging, trauma, and lifestyle choices, such as smoking or sun exposure, may contribute towards asymmetry. If a person has always had asymmetrical features, there is no cause for concern.

Also know, can you fix facial asymmetry? Facial asymmetry can result from congenital problems, trauma, or a prior surgery or treatment. In some cases, asymmetry may affect not only the form, but also the function of your eyes, nose, and mouth. Often, the lower jaw is uneven with the rest of the face, which may be corrected with orthognathic surgery.

Likewise, what exercises fix asymmetrical face?

Facial Yoga Exercises

Puff out the cheeks, push air into the mouth and move the air from one side to the other four times. Repeat up to 5 times a day to help raise the cheeks. Make the eyes wide, raise the eyebrows and stick out the tongue. Hold for up to 60 seconds and repeat up to ten times.

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