Why was Clarisonic discontinued?

On Sept. 30, L’Oréal is shutting down Clarisonic. On the brand’s website, the company explained, “This difficult decision was made so that L’Oréal can focus its attention on its other core business offerings.” … A lack of compelling product innovation also plagued Clarisonic.

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Also to know is, does Clarisonic help with anti aging?

Clarisonic Firming Massage Head

Clinically proven to visibly reduce the signs of aging with just 12 weeks of twice-daily use, this game-changing Firming Massage Head uses 27,000 soothing micro-firming massages per treatment to naturally lift and tone the skin.

Then, has Clarisonic been discontinued? As of September 30th, 2020, Clarisonic has ceased operations. … While previously purchased Clarisonic devices will still work, you can no longer purchase new brush heads, and if your Clarisonic device becomes unusable, you can’t replace it.

Thereof, why is Clarisonic bad for your skin?

Exfoliation is the action that the bristles create when rubbed over the skin. … Clarisonic brush, facial scrubs, acids, enzymes, washcloths or whatever form you get yours in can cause skin damage and may lead to premature aging if used too frequently.

What will replace Clarisonic?

6 Clarisonic Alternatives To Buy If You’re After A New Cleansing…

  • Braun Face 810 Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush. …
  • Foreo Luna Play Plus Facial Cleansing Brush. …
  • Magnitone First Step Vibrasonic Cleansing Brush. …
  • Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush. …
  • PMD Clean International Facial Cleansing Device.

What happened to Clarisonic?

“After more than a decade of game-changing innovation and industry-leading technology, the Clarisonic brand will be shutting down as of September 30, 2020,” an Instagram post reads. “We want to thank all of our loyal customers, dermatologists, and retail partners who have helped put this brand on the map.

What do dermatologists say about Clarisonic?

Bottom line: Even dermatologists agree that the Clarisonic brush can be a good exfoliator, but only for certain types of skin.

Does Clarisonic stimulate collagen?

ICYMI, Clarisonic recently introduced a brand new device, the Smart Profile Uplift, a souped-up face massager designed to fight 15 signs of aging. … The vibrating applicator–27,000 micro-massages per minute–stimulates collagen regeneration and strengthens the skin.

Is it bad to use a Clarisonic everyday?

While Clarisonic brushes should be gentle enough for using two times a day, Dr. … “So if your skin is more sensitive or experiences inflamed breakouts, it’s better to use one of our softer brush heads specifically designed for your skin type, or stick to once a day.

What do I do with my old Clarisonic?

Whilst electrical items such as hair straighteners and Clarisonic cleansing brushes cannot be recycled at home, your local recycling centre will accept a wide range of different household items. If the product is still in a good condition you can donate to a local charity shop, or even sell via online auction sites.

Can I still buy Clarisonic?

For now, you can still buy official Clarisonic brush heads from CurrentBody. Plus you even have the option to stock up and buy a year’s supply of Clarisonic Radiance Brush Heads, Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Heads and Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Heads.

What do you do with old Clarisonic brush heads?

“You’ll give your jewelry the same clean as you would get from an ultrasonic cleaner at the jewelry store!” Buff tarnished silver — Use the old brush heads to get silver polish in and out of tiny nooks and crannies. This is great for detailed silver platters or silverware!

Do dermatologists recommend face brushes?

A cleansing brush isn’t necessary, but can be helpful if you wear a lot of makeup—the oscillation of the brush can dislodge makeup and dirt from your pores, says Fusco. … Hold the brush so it “floats” over the skin; scrubbing can cause irritation.

Are facial brushes good for mature skin?

Facial brushes are better than anti-aging creams. It works in the same fashion, peeling off dead skin to reveal the youthful glow beneath. So in a nutshell, facial brushes produce fresh, young skin in the most affordable and natural way possible.

Does clarisonic improve skin?

Cleaner Skin

Many users may experience an immediate result of radiant, smooth and healthy-looking skin. In as little as 14 days, the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush can work to transform skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, minimize pores and improve skin texture.

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