How much does a Hawaii honeymoon cost?

Hawaii isn’t cheap. The average couple spends $4,466 on their honeymoon and luxury honeymooners spend an average of $9,954.

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Additionally, how much should I budget for a honeymoon in Hawaii?

Cost of Accommodations in Hawaii

The average cost of accommodation is just under $300 per night, but, depending on the view and type of room, it can easily go to $500 and even $1500 or more per night. If you dream of spending your holiday in an ocean view room, prices are usually over $350 a night.

Moreover, how do people afford a honeymoon in Hawaii? 9 Ways to Honeymoon in Hawaii on a Budget

  1. Consider a vacation rental.
  2. Get the lunch special.
  3. Opt for free activities.
  4. Don’t island hop.
  5. Get your rental car cheaper.
  6. Travel in the shoulder period.
  7. Food trucks and grocery store poke.
  8. Hit up happy hour.

Beside this, what part of Hawaii is best for honeymoon?

The Big Island of Hawaii is often forgotten for other islands like Maui and Oahu. But, the Big Island packs some of the world’s best beaches, seclusion from crowds, and more couples than families. This makes The Big Island one of the best honeymoon spots in all of Hawaii.

Which Hawaiian island is most romantic?


How long is Hawaii honeymoon?

All of the islands have so much to offer, and it is important to make sure you have time to take full advantage of this paradise. While many vacations are five to seven days long, we recommend staying for at least 10 days to enjoy your Hawaiian vacation.

Who pays for the honeymoon?

In these more traditional settings, it is usually the groom or the groom’s parents who pay for the honeymoon. The bride’s family usually handles the wedding costs, and the groom or his family would handle the honeymoon.

How much does it cost to honeymoon in Bora Bora?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Bora Bora is $3,184 for a solo traveler, $5,718 for a couple, and $10,721 for a family of 4. Bora Bora hotels range from $136 to $684 per night with an average of $334, while most vacation rentals will cost $120 to $800 per night for the entire home.

When should you not go to Hawaii?

If you wish to avoid Hawaii’s hurricane season, then stay clear of Hawaii from June 1st to November 30th. Due to winds, currents, and ocean temperatures around the islands, Hawaii escapes most direct hits. The last hurricane to directly hit a Hawaiian island was Hurricane Iniki in 1992.

Should I go to Hawaii for honeymoon?

Hawaii is a top honeymoon destination, and it’s easy to see why. The beaches are spectacular, and the laid-back vibe lets you enjoy your trip in shorts and flip-flops if you prefer. The scenery in Hawaii is also awe-inspiring, from the famous N? Pali Coast to the lush mountains of Maui.

What’s the best time of the year to go to Hawaii?

The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. This is when the islands see the highest temperatures and the lowest amount of rain. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the beach or the water.

How do you honeymoon in Maui?

Top 10 Maui honeymoon things to do

  1. Couples Spa Package at Spa Grande. The most popular honeymoon activity on Maui is a couples massage. …
  2. Full-Day On The Road To Hana. …
  3. O’O Farm Tours. …
  4. Maui Sunset Luau Cruise. …
  5. Spend a Day on the North Shore of Maui. …
  6. Enjoy A Romantic. …
  7. Visit the Ali’i Kula Lavender. …
  8. Maui Festivals, Events,

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